Sunday, May 31, 2015

#BaaBaaBachelorette Recap

I basically wish my bachelorette party never ended. It takes all of my strength to not just Instagram pictures from it EVERY SINGLE DAY, because it really was everything a bachelorette party should be. My best friends, 1 million jokes, truth or dare (though - shout out to Bianca for being the only one who said dare), margaritas, more margaritas, inappropriate conversations in public places, shenanigans. You know. Bachelorette party stuff!

My friend Rachel brought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 and it honestly was the most fun part. I really love taking pictures, but there is something so gratifying about having it print that exact second. And the retro vibe of the film really fit in with the hotel. Though, would a film camera ever stop us from documenting every minute via iPhone? Never.

I'll admit, there are some photos that I won't ever put on the Internet. (Duh.) But here are a few favorites from the weekend:

Some noteworthy tidbits from the weekend:

The Saguaro knew it was my bachelorette party (we signed up for the Girls Getaway package, and Lindy called ahead) and when we arrived... there were streamers, blow up toys (like flamingos wearing leis and a bottle of Fireball... though that should have been more of a warning sign than anything), and a nice card. It was so fun! Truly, this hotel was the perfect location for an event like this.

We enjoyed dinner at Tinto, which is located in The Saguaro. HOLY COW. So delicious. We ordered maybe 300 tapas to share and it all was so tasty. And the service was wonderful. Would 100% recommend.

Nightlife in Palm Springs was a little weird/elusive, but that's fine. The Ace was closed for a private event (boo!), as were many of the other suggestions we received, so we found ourselves wandering for awhile. If, like us, you go with hopes of dancing. the Village Pub seemed to be the place to do it. Though, be warned, the doormen are very rude. But the bartenders are nice! So I guess it was a wash.

Anyways, we're now just under two weeks until the big day (WHOA DUDE) so I may be blogging a ton to avoid all responsibility, or I might be a little quiet around here while I get everything finished.

Major thanks to the following ladies for the photos (and for attending!!): @lindymerida // @rbeck09 // @tinalimeade // @tinaheileman // @julzjls // @afabchallenge


  1. 2 weeks till the wedding!!! Ekkkk! Enjoy the last bit of the prep! Can't wait to see peeks of your big day. Your bach party looks fabulous! All the right things--smiles and booze :)

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