Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy Birthday, Jake!

So, my mom always tells a story about my older brother. When he was 5, my mom told him he was going to have a little sister. He was pretty stoked (duh), but one day he came home crying. My mom asked him what was wrong, and he said that the little girl down the street had fallen off of her bicycle and gotten hurt. He was so upset because he was really worried that would happen to his own little sister someday. It's a pretty cute story, and if you ever see my mom... she'd love to tell it for you. She does a great impression of 5 year old Jake.

The thing is, Jake has taken care of me my whole life, both literally and figuratively. We were never really siblings who bickered or fought. When Jake wanted to play with Ninja Turtles, I was not only allowed but encouraged to join in with my little April doll. (Even though she later met an untimely demise.) Jake taught me the importance of humor - both with his own jokes, and his quickness to laugh - and all of this shaped my personality in a big way. He's always watched out for me, encouraged me to take risks, and cheered me up when I'm a real grump. Even though there is quite an age difference between us, it's never been too big of a deal. He's just rad and I'm lucky to have him as my brother.

In June, Jake drove to Boise a week before my wedding to help out. And help, he did! Holy moly. I should have kept a handwritten list of all the tasks he tackled to ensure the day go perfectly because he did SO. MUCH. He came with us to craft stores and searched for the perfect candles. He handmade 5 little flower girl crowns AND 5 little flower girl baskets. He helped me get programs and menus printed. He folded napkins "just so." When the weather report showed that there was going to be some wind, he found small river rocks, washed them, and sealed them so that the place settings wouldn't blow away. The day of the wedding, he set the dinner tables and scolded me to get back inside when I had been helping for too long and it was time to get my makeup done. As guests arrived, he made sure they knew where everything was and made all of the announcements to help the day flow smoothly. And as the party slowed down, he kept the playlist bumping so I wouldn't stop dancing until the end. I've never received a gift quite like that before and I am so grateful. The most grateful. There is literally no way in the world I could be MORE grateful.

I have always known how cool and kind and rad Jake is, but since today is his birthday... I figured everyone else should know how cool and kind and rad he is too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAKE!!!

And hey, do me a favor and find my cool brother on Instagram (here!) and tell him a big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He's the best and deserves the best day ever.

Friday, August 7, 2015


So, my office is insane. And I am desperately happy about it.

You see, we found a DREAMY rental in the Los Feliz/Silverlake area of Los Angeles. It met all of our requirements -- parking, private outdoor space, basic amenities we didn't have in SF like a dishwasher and washer/dryer... the beautiful list goes on and on.

Another thing that was really important when looking for a home was that Tim and I would each have our own private space. Our last apartment was beautiful, but if you notice -- my desk was always in the bedroom or dining room. And if you take yet another look, there was no room for Tim's art. This new house has a second bedroom I can use as an office (WHAAAT) and a private upstairs studio for Mr. Lamb. It's basically the best thing that has ever happened to us.

So, we're in the middle of two big projects when it comes to decorating the house and it's going to be a lot of neutral goodness. That's really what I'm into these days. Neutral, lots of white, and pops of moody navy and black. I just want everything to be calm and comfortable and soothing and like a Pinterest dream. We loved our last place, but it was a little young-feeling and we got sick of that bright blue wall pretty quick. So we're really focusing on investing in gorgeous, neutral pieces that we won't tire of.

But my office??? Well, I wanted it to be as bold and bright as possible. A girl cave. A Golden Girls paradise. SO when I was contacted by Chasing Paper for a small space challenge, it was a resounding YES PLEASE. Chasing Paper is a temporary wallpaper and I was promised it was super easy to apply. I perused their site and immediately made my selection -- hello, palm fronds. Like what?! Blanche Devereaux would be SO PROUD of me.

And you guys. It was SO easy to apply. It comes in these large sheets and you just peel it off and stick it to your wall. (If you're really crafty, you could use it on smaller objects like tabletops or bar carts or you know, anything.) I was able to do the entire wall by myself in a few hours. I probably could have done it in an hour or less but I got pretty distracted. (Real Housewives was on in the background.) And suddenly, bam, I had my dream office.

We brought in our old pink patterned rug and took the crazy to level 10 and I'm pretty into that. I'll probably tone it down in a few weeks, but also I probably won't. I sort of love how intense it is and it satisfies my need for a color explosion, which will allow the rest of the house to be that calm paradise I've been dreaming of. Win win.

Anyways, Chasing Paper is generously offering 15% off to anyone who wants to give it a go... and you should. Just use code cpsmallspace at checkout.

Now tell me... which one are you going to get?!

Monday, August 3, 2015

My Updated Budget Find

Last week on Rue Daily, the editors got a little personal about pieces in our own homes. So many people think that you need to have a ton of money to have a unique space, but the truth is it just takes a little vision and commitment. Tim & I stuck to our eclectic vibe by spray painting basically everything gold, and while it sounds so obvious, it actually resulted in items that people are ALWAYS asking where to buy them. Click here to check out the spread and get ideas from the rest of the talented team!

Today, I'm at the Las Vegas Market and will be sharing a ton on Instagram --  I'll  be taking over the @LasVegasMarket account, alongside some amazing designers, so that is one feed you'll want to check out. Of course, I'll likely be over-gramming on both on my account as well as Rue's -- so be sure to follow along there too! As I wander the market, I'm hoping to get ideas for our new home and see what's new this season. I always leave feeling super inspired, which after such a busy summer, is something I crave.

Finally, to get your Monday off on the right foot, I highly suggest reading THIS hilarious article. Tim and I have never laughed so hard. Ever.