Monday, November 23, 2015

Anthropologie at Home

So, is it just me... or has Anthropologie really stepped up their home game recently? I have always enjoyed shopping there for quirky dishes, thoughtful knick knacks, and the occasional hook or drawer pull. But recently, I've found myself longing to just live there. (If you think about it, there are so many nooks and crannies in those stores, I can't imagine them figuring it out for like... 2 weeks probably.) When the Fall House & Home Lookbook landed on my doorstep, I was instantly inspired. Instead of my usual routine of looking at 1-2 pages and then tossing it directly into the recycling bin alongside 9 other catalogs, I devoured it cover to cover TWICE. Twice! I think it's because their home goods are super sophisticated... more so than in years past, anyway.

Here are a few moments that really caught my eye:

First, I was like "oh, there's a horse in that room and that's ridiculous." But then I noticed that sturdy coffee table and the subtle detailing of the rug and I thought both would look quite nice in my own home. While I appreciate the sofa (okay, LOVE IT), I also am adult enough to admit that a printed sofa just isn't right for me. I'd hate it after 2 days. However, what IS right for me... that mirror. I went searching for it on their site and came up empty handed. But then I found this magical one that has a jute rope and wondered why I don't own 100.

This room is a perfect combination of mine and Tim's aesthetics. I know for a fact he's hoping to have a leather chesterfield someday. I also know for a fact that those geo-faceted-mirrored tables are insane in just the right way... and Tim probably would never agree to one. I like them because it's a look you don't see often, and as you know... I'm all about that visual refresh. Though, I'm going to be honest, I don't care for the chandelier. Can you imagine dusting it?

I have nothing specific to say about this room, except that I could snooze there all darn day, every day, for a year. Maybe more?

This chair gives me life. Actual life. It's so striking, don't you think? The color, shape, texture... it all adds up to one perfect chair. While this look is feeling trendy, I think the overall vibe of the chair is classic. It's a piece that you could own for years and years, and it'd always fit right in, even if your style changed drastically.

While I do think Anthro can be a bit out there - I'm looking at you, horse - I am really enjoying what they're doing on the home front and can't wait to see what's next.

And on a final note, we probably should all order this faux-fur sweater. It's perfect.

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