Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Last week, the team at Rue released our annual holiday issue. It's one of my favorite issues of the year because it forces me into the Christmas spirit BIG TIME. In the past, most of us were in the same city and would gather at Maia's apartment in Oakland to work super late -- crunch time, baby! The Christmas music would be blasting and we'd order takeout long after the sun went down. I'd get seconds, because, winter. Now, we're all in different cities but I still try to keep the vibe alive as we type back and forth as fast as we can on g-chat. I made hot chocolate and put on some festive tunes. Look up the "Christmas Classics" playlist on Spotify. You won't be disappointed.

I also really love that this issue includes such a comprehensive gift guide. Our Style Editor, Victoria, has SUCH a pulse on "what's new" that I am always so excited to see her picks. Without fail, I'll discover a few new brands and add those items directly onto my own wish list.

Here are a few of my personal highlights from the issue:

Our founder opened the doors to her own home! Crystal has such exquisite style and I am always in awe of her design skills. This SF apartment may be small, but her aesthetic shines in every corner. I particularly love this dining nook. Cozy yet CRAZY beautiful.
[photo: Emily Johnston]

My extremely talented friend hosted a holiday party that was beyond-beautiful. Everything is super sophisticated but not stuffy. Genius. Bianca Sotelo is one to watch, you guys.
[photo: Debarr Moradi]

This San Francisco bachelor pad has a super rad 3D gallery wall that I adore.
[photo: Odessa]

I interviewed the unrivaled Jay Jeffers, and sort of want to sign up to be president of his fan club.
[photo: Aubrie Pick]

This Sonoma escape is the definition of a dream. I love the rustic details. It also houses a pretty fantastic art collection. 
[photo: Emily Johnston]

Our graphic designer, Julie, opened the doors to her Oakland home just in time for the holidays. I love the sophisticated approach. I hate when it looks like Santa threw up.
[photo: Suzanna Scott]

Annnnnd.... HELLO. That's my house! Yep, Haley from Homepolish turned our little home into my version of paradise. Take the tour here.
[photo: Tessa Neustadt]

If you saw the issue, I'd love your feedback! Did you have a favorite feature?


  1. Congrats on being featured! You have some great style and love your cat in the couch! So cute! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  2. Happy to see you're blogging again! I agree sophisticated holiday decorations are beautiful but I also love to see traditional colors and decorations done right! Santa "threw up" all over my house growing up so certain elements of traditional style add to the nostalgic, cheery spirt of the holidays!

    1. Ha -- Santa threw up all over my house too. That's why I think I lean towards incorporating decor that complements what my house looks like year round. I suppose it doesn't help that red is my least favorite color of all the colors... eep!!

  3. where is the rock & roll print from? - so great!

    1. Thanks! The artist is McBess:

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