Monday, January 4, 2016

My Year.


I'm not usually big on resolutions, mostly because I'm real stubborn and I believe that I don't need to change A FREAKIN' THING. For years, I worked in an environment where people were obsessed with self improvement and many times, it caused a lot of harm -- both physically and mentally. So, it kind of stuck with me that improving is bad and you should just do what you want and deal with it. Not actually a rational or healthy train of thought, I KNOW. But admitting defeat is the first step.

I have to admit it, our move to Los Angeles really shook things up a bit and not necessarily in the best way. In SF, I walked EVERYWHERE. It was my main form of exercise AND transportation. Here? Hello, Uber. I also am not big on change. I have friends who move apartments a lot or switch jobs with the seasons which is really cool and empowering, but man... that is just not for me. That is some anxiety inducing crap that would result in me being hospitalized for exhaustion. I worked quickly on making our LA house a home because I couldn't stand the feeling of transition for one more second. I've been in full nesting mode -- and this includes lots of comfort food and pizza delivery on speed dial. My body (and brain) have fallen victim big time.

Needless to say, I just don't feel HEALTHY. So, I'm actually resolving on making 2016 a better year, both physically and mentally. I shared a bit on Instagram, but this new fitness bracelet is giving me just the push I need. Mira is a fashion-forward fitness tracker that has already motivated me to step out of my front door and walk around. Groundbreaking. Here are a few things I'm hoping I'll stick to in the new year. They're pretty silly, but I feel confident that they'll help both my physical and mental health. So, voila:

-Once a week, walk to the flower market for fresh flowers for the house. 
-Stop being such a hobbit and treat myself to a manicure/pedicure once a month.
-Stop being so self deprecating and saying things like 'hobbit' when referring to myself. 
-Swap out beer for green juice. Sometimes. 
-Overcome my CRAZY social anxiety and enroll in fitness classes in the neighborhood: pilates, barre, and yoga. Actually go instead of justifying reasons why I should just do the workout at home.
-Get back to written to-do lists/calendars. I am always so much more organized when I write it down each day.
-Journal my progress and keep notes on what I've been up to. I desperately want to hold onto my memories and remember this part of my life. 
-More books. Less iPhone.
-Be kinder to my body with an anti-inflammatory diet. 
-Cultivate more relationships here in Los Angeles, but don't compromise my friendships with friends who live in other cities and states.
-Stop buying crappy clothes because they're on sale. Be more thoughtful with my purchases. 
-Walk a few miles each day, and track it with my Mira. Don't stop this after 1.5 weeks.

WHEW. That's maybe overly ambitious. But it's also NOT THAT ambitious either. Like, I am pretty confident most of you reading this probably do those things already. So I think I can make it all happen. If I know anything, sharing your goals publicly is the best way to stay accountable. So here I am... sharing away.

Any other tips to make this magic happen?


  1. This is a great list! I think it may be things we all *want* to do but getting it all on paper makes a huge difference. I'm hoping to treat myself to a mani pedi for than once a year because honestly it just makes me feel better! I think you'll really enjoy going to a fitness class. They become addictive in the best way. If I didn't need a gym day care, I would be all over pure barre. I did one class a while ago and let me tell you, there's nothing else like it. :)

  2. I love this post & your list. I bought a home & moved in 2015 (August to be exact), so your bit about the feeling of transition resonates with me. My life was really hectic following my move and my home is still chaotic and not put together. It's the longest I have ever gone after a move of not having the pieces in place; I need to take a hint from you and get. it. together.

  3. Hi Kelli! I hear your stress when it comes to change! I think even those who love change really love the high of something new but all new things come with ups and downs, regardless if you were initially excited about it or not. I also know that moving can have unexpected consequences on your routine - I will be joining you in starting to be healthier! That being said now in the middle of Feb and fatter than ever with a glass in wine in hand. :) anyway would love to hear what kind of anti inflammatory diets you have tried and love. Enjoyed this honest and light post!


Thank you for reading! xoKelli