Friday, February 12, 2016

3 Things That Inexplicably Make Me Cry

Oh, hello there. I have had this huge craving to write on the blog, but then get so overwhelmed with what to post about because it seems like a huge daunting task even though it's not at all. I think to myself, "I could share wedding details but which details go first," and then I think, "I could show the before and after of the dining room but where are those pictures," and then I think, "I could just close my laptop and scroll endlessly through Instagram until my hand gets a cramp," and I do that. Sometimes, I even lose complete feeling in my pinky. It's concerning. Not concerning right now, but I have a feeling in a few years we're all going to have some serious arthritis issues.

Anyways, I decided that instead of blogging about something design or fashion focused, I would do something that would just get me writing again and not be so serious. And the result doesn't entirely make sense, but DOES fulfill that creative void... ish.

So, without further adieu... here is a collection of 3 things that inexplicably make me cry. I would have included more, but Tim's still at work and he's the one that keeps track of these things.

1. This video about fog:

Adrift from Simon Christen on Vimeo.

I... don't know either. I just watch it and I get hyper-emotional and the tears just flow out of me like lava. Sometimes, I hear the song (by The Album Leaf) and I start crying then too. It's worth noting that this video made me cry while I still lived in SF, so it's not because I moved away and miss the area. Nope. It's just a supremely beautiful weather pattern combined with a city waking up and voila, I'm teary.

2. This video about a lot of cats invading an IKEA:

AGAIN: how confusing are my emotions? I actually saw this commercial many years ago when I was going through a nasty breakup. I had my little Roxanne, and it just made me realize what a comforting feeling HOME can bring. And for me, home was with my cat. And so, I guess, tears.


This one isn't actually inexplicable. If you DON'T cry during it, you're a monster. I actually hesitated to include this one, because I knew I'd have to redo my makeup after watching it. I once bought 30 iPhones after watching it. (I didn't actually.)

Other things that I didn't have time to track down:
-Essentially ANY commercial that includes a widow, an adorable elderly person, a pet owner, and/or members of the military.
-When people win something on reality TV. (This ranges from talent competitions like The Voice to prize-focused shows like The Price is Right.)
-Any time Ellen cries, I cry.

So there you have it. A super strange, probably slightly off-putting look at who I am. Now that I got this creative roadblock out of the way (did I?!), I hope to be back and typing furiously in no time.

Happy weekend! (Sorry if you also cried.)

EDITED TO ADD: Tim just got home and said that THIS commercial makes me cry more than anything that has ever made me cry. That is true.

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