Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mara Hoffman: Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear

It's rare that I feel compelled to blog about fashion anymore, but mostly because of my own sartorial laziness. I prefer to exist in one of the following:

a) blue jeans, white or gray tee, flats
b) black jeans, black top, flats
c) bag-shaped dress, sandals
d) none of the above/my pajamas

This approach came to be after a few startling realizations... all of which revolved around the fact that I 100% do not want to stand out in a crowd. I'm on the tall-ish side (5'7") and most of my friends have always been around the same height. So, when I would wear heels, it's likely they would be wearing heels as well and I wouldn't notice how much taller any of us were. But I started going to events or parties without my usual girl gang (we all live in different states now), and felt like I was TOWERING over people. I desperately hate that feeling, so I reverted to flats. Another time, I wore a bold color combination comprised of a LOT of fabric, and I felt more like a muppet than a Man Repeller. Adios, color.

Essentially, I had to come to peace with the fact that I can still love the bold, colorful styles that so many wear so well... but it doesn't mean it will make me happy when I put it on my body. I am happiest in neutrals. I will never, as long as I live, wear anything remotely close to this again. (Embarrassing!) I am not a peacock by nature, and there is nothing wrong with that. I am allowed to wear the same boring outfits 1 million times if they're what make me feel my best. I really do still feel passionate about clothes and adore colorful, bold patterns. And while I may not *try* as hard as I used to, I still appreciate and admire the same aesthetic from afar.

For example, I've long been a fan of Mara Hoffman (I used to pine for one of these dresses), but I don't know that I would reach for her stuff these days...

Until I saw her Fall 2016 RTW Collection. The glamour of the '70s shines bright in this collection, and I think I'm so drawn to it because of the darker color palette. Her signature prints took on a moody alter ego, and I'm obsessed.

Starting off strong, this dress might be my favorite silhouette from the collection. Would love a closer look, and by closer look, I mean, have it hanging in my closet, begging me to step away from the skinny jeans:

The print below is for sure a stand-out for me. It's like, tropical meets San Francisco meets rock & roll... if that is even a thing. I'm hoping this textile filters down to her swimwear line as well:

Of course, Mara always has to have a wedding dress-esque option, and this one makes me purely devastated I can't go back in time and wear it for my own nuptials:

Finally, this just might be my favorite dress that I've seen, ever. I can see the likes of Rashida Jones wearing it to an awards show... it's got that quirky-cool factor and is just weird enough, but is still one of the more flattering dresses in the line:

Anyway, when I started to see this collection make the rounds on Instagram... the allure of writing about fashion brought me back to the ol' bloggeroo, and here we are.

I've spent the greater part of an hour searching for something similar that I can purchase immediately, but no such luck. Since I've been out of the fashion game for so long, would love to know if you have any favorite designers or brands that channel a similar aesthetic. Nothing too bold... but just bohemian enough to fulfill the little tiny Stevie Nicks that lives inside of me. Let me know in the comments!

[All images courtesy of Mara Hoffman via Style.com]

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