Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Office... Sort Of.

When we first moved in to our LA home,  I (overzealously) made my office super glam. I hung up temporary wallpaper that I STILL LOVE EVER-SO-DEARLY, but was a little... aggressive. Well. Not aggressive for ME, but perhaps aggressive for other members of the household. (TIM.)  I made the mistake of hanging it on a wall that you can see, at all times, from the kitchen and dining room. So, a fun little experiment that was supposed to be my "girl cave" was actually an invasive decor decision that was always top of mind. Plus, I worked hard to make the living areas a bright, restful space. This room, unfortunately, just doesn't get great light. So, it was a dark, palm-tree-y situation that just... wasn't working. Ya live and ya learn...

So, I very carefully peeled it all off and saved it for another day. (Thinking of adding it to wood panels for a more subdued effect.) Then, I ordered wedding photos from Minted and went to town.

The room was a nursery in a past life, so it already had these handy-dandy Ikea shelves that I shared on Instagram here.

Above the desk, I went big:

(Please ignore the low quality imagery. My phone recently went for a dip.)

These are two of my favorite moments from the wedding. Now, when they arrived, Tim was like "ummm... so you're going to hang a giant photo of yourself above your desk??" and I was like "DANGIT."

Let me explain.

The week before the wedding, we were staying out at my dad's house and every night we'd stay up late finishing up the DIY details. I would go sit with Tim out in my dad's wood shop, where he was painting all of the place cards. At least 2-3 times a night... we'd practice our "first dance." Our song was Monster by Mumford & Sons (with the f-bomb edited out for the big night), and we threw in a few spins and twirls. I just have all these vivid memories of practicing the twirl, with sawdust on the ground and mosquitos buzzing our ears, so it'd be just right with the music.

When it came time to actually have our dance at the reception, I was just... endlessly happy. The wedding had thus far been so perfect, and I was so grateful for everyone who had made the trek to Idaho to be there. I remember being so present during the dance, and just really soaking up the moment as much as I could. I remember it all so clearly, and, embarrassing fact, cry about it a lot because I'm just that sentimental.

So, I felt like this picture really encapsulated that dance so perfectly: the joy, the wind that came to cool everyone off, the soft light. It's not a picture of myself. It's a picture of a feeling.

OKAY, here's a little backstory about Tim, myself, and pelicans. As many of you know, we got engaged in Mexico. We woke up early and wandered down to a set of hammocks right on the ocean to watch the sunrise. As the sun slowly made it's way over the horizon, pelicans were diving into the surf to catch their breakfast. They were so close! You'll have to talk to Tim, but apparently one flew so close to him that he knew it was time to ask me. So, naturally we have a soft spot for the bird.

Flash forward to the wedding day. My dad and mom were eating dinner, and my dad said "The only thing that could make today more perfect is if a flock of pelicans flew over the property. That would be so cool for everyone to see!" But, it was pretty late in the season and he knew the chance of seeing them was sparse.

A few hours later, my brother was making his toast -- an emotional journey in itself -- and at a totally appropriate pause, I heard my dad gasp. Everyone looked up and there they were... almost 20 pelicans flying so close to the ground that you could hear their wings.

I burst into tears. We all agreed my amazing grandma sent them as a party favor.

Somehow, my photographers magically captured it. In the blink of an eye, they captured the most important second of the day. It was no question I'd be framing the photo.

Images by Dylan M. Howell and Sara K. Byrne

Now, back to the office. It's a little bit of a facade. Or a fraud. Whatever you want to call it. Behind the photo is a large clothing steamer, a stationary bike, a vacuum, a super cute West Elm lamp, a well-styled (but what's the point) bookshelf, and... the litter robot.

In the sake of honesty, I'll post some pictures soon. We need to really figure out an organizational solution because that "office" is nothing but a glorified junk drawer. It's a challenge I am equal parts terrified and excited to tackle.

In the meantime, check out Minted's custom photo prints here. It was really easy to order and I am super impressed with the quality and ease of the whole thing. 

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