Friday, March 25, 2016

Volition Beauty: Detoxifying Silt Gelee

I recently discovered a new favorite beauty brand, Volition. Now, this is really saying something you guys, because I am flooded with pitches from beauty companies day in and day out. (The benefits and perils of being on a massive PR mailing list!) It's rare that I come across anything that seems to really stand out. Volition... stands out.

The brand is the first of its kind. You, the shopper, help create the products you want to use. Wait... what, you say? Here's how it works: You submit your ideas for new products. Or, you can peruse other ideas from beauty experts, formulators, and people who just like great products. When the products have been "pitched," the Volition team gets to work -- determining what ingredients will make it work, if the product will be safe... etc. Then, the product becomes a campaign that's shared on the website and members can vote if they would actually use it. If it gets enough support, it's created and available for sale. Voila! (Oh, BTW. If you vote, you get a discount.)

If you're still in the dark, check out this video. Honestly, it's like the smartest thing. Who wouldn't want a say in the products that are available to them?

So, one of the products that was created is the Detoxifying Silt Gelee. It's a mask made of a rich Nordic silt, sourced from Finnish lakes. (Fancy pants!) It purifies and balances the skin for a MAJOR glowing moment. Bye, toxins!

I use it on my T-Zone for my annoying blackheads, which are the worst. What I was surprised by, though, is that it's pretty moisturizing too. Usually, masks end up being so cakey and drying, which can actually make skin troubles way worse. (Weird right?? In high school, it was ALL about drying the heck out of my face. Oops.)

Basically, I just felt so... refreshed after using this. I don't like to post reviews that often, because it can seem sales-y, but I do want people to know when I try something I love. So here you go: something I love. Have a great weekend!

Monday, March 7, 2016

RUE: February 2016

It's obviously been a few weeks since the latest issue of Rue landed on digital newsstands, but in case you missed it, I wanted to show off a few of my favorite features. A lot of work was put into this issue and I'm so pleased with the result.

First off, the cover (above) features a gorgeous Orange County home from Prairie Design & Staging. Captured perfectly by Ryan Garvin, it has me thinking that we should be moving our kilim rug back into the bedroom.

Ryan was certainly busy behind the lens this time around, as he also photographed this insane Newport Beach family home. Designed by Ashley Clark of sKout, this house stands as one of my all-time favorites because it has an incredible "great room" -- the kitchen (and its accompanying breakfast booth) flows into the dining room, living room, and game room perfectly. If I had a family that included more than a husband and 2 cats, I'd live there. I actually would still live there, but I'd never be able to sit in all the chairs.

This apartment, designed by Becca Galbraith and photographed by Rikki Snyder, is in an old cardboard box factory on one of the most photographed streets in the US. (Gossip Girl fans will know just the building I'm referring to.) However, it's the thoughtful design inside that makes a real impact. The fireplace might be my favorite moment... but it's tied with the original ceiling beams.

I have been avoiding color in interiors as of late, but the bold Studio Munroe offices have me changing my tune. Photographed by Thomas Kuoh, each image has more personality than the next.

I recently met Sarah Dubbeldam, the founder of Darling Magazine, at an event here in LA. She is super inspiring and incredibly sweet, so I was thrilled when she agreed to share her meaning of "living beautifully" with our readers.

BendGoods is an innovative furniture company, and I love-love-love the team's whimsical approach to design. I was thrilled to discover that their studio space, which is here in LA, is just as fun as the furniture. I interviewed the founder for this and loved learning more about the backstory. (All images by Grace Cassio and styling by Mr. Jason Grant.)

Finally, I am so grateful that Kirsten Grove shared her story of adoption as part of our Rue Confessional series. It's a bit of a tear jerker but such an important read.

There are a few more features but I didn't want to give it all away, so you'll have to check out the full issue here.

I hope you love it as much as we enjoyed working on it!