Friday, March 25, 2016

Volition Beauty: Detoxifying Silt Gelee

I recently discovered a new favorite beauty brand, Volition. Now, this is really saying something you guys, because I am flooded with pitches from beauty companies day in and day out. (The benefits and perils of being on a massive PR mailing list!) It's rare that I come across anything that seems to really stand out. Volition... stands out.

The brand is the first of its kind. You, the shopper, help create the products you want to use. Wait... what, you say? Here's how it works: You submit your ideas for new products. Or, you can peruse other ideas from beauty experts, formulators, and people who just like great products. When the products have been "pitched," the Volition team gets to work -- determining what ingredients will make it work, if the product will be safe... etc. Then, the product becomes a campaign that's shared on the website and members can vote if they would actually use it. If it gets enough support, it's created and available for sale. Voila! (Oh, BTW. If you vote, you get a discount.)

If you're still in the dark, check out this video. Honestly, it's like the smartest thing. Who wouldn't want a say in the products that are available to them?

So, one of the products that was created is the Detoxifying Silt Gelee. It's a mask made of a rich Nordic silt, sourced from Finnish lakes. (Fancy pants!) It purifies and balances the skin for a MAJOR glowing moment. Bye, toxins!

I use it on my T-Zone for my annoying blackheads, which are the worst. What I was surprised by, though, is that it's pretty moisturizing too. Usually, masks end up being so cakey and drying, which can actually make skin troubles way worse. (Weird right?? In high school, it was ALL about drying the heck out of my face. Oops.)

Basically, I just felt so... refreshed after using this. I don't like to post reviews that often, because it can seem sales-y, but I do want people to know when I try something I love. So here you go: something I love. Have a great weekend!

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