Monday, April 11, 2016

LISTEN TO: The Lumineers

Just making sure we're all listening to Cleopatra, the new album from The Lumineers...

We are, right? SO GOOD.

I have to say, I was super nervous about their next album. Considering it's been 4 years -- FOUR -- since their last album, I was a bit nervous.

You see, one of my favorite memories is watching their concert at The Greek in Berkeley -- a gorgeous venue with a view of the San Francisco skyline. Tim and I went with our good friends Ricky & Tina, and it will always stand as one of my favorite concerts. Or the time that we watched them sing Ho Hey, for free, at Hardly Strictly in Golden Gate Park and I felt like moving to SF was the best decision I'd ever made. And truth be told, we ALMOST used "Dead Sea" for our first dance song. When you associate so many moments with a band, it's almost as if you feel like they 'owe' you. Like, if their new album is a bomb, a dud, an assault on the ears... they've let you down, personally. It's a disappointment that's totally out of your control. Rude.

I'm pleased to say that Cleopatra is the opposite of a bomb. It's energizing, emotional, and after a long weekend of travel that allowed me to listen over and over again, I'm pretty sure I already have all of the lyrics memorized.

I think it will be on repeat right through the dog days of summer. While some people try to avoid binge-listening to an album (you know -- so you don't get sick of it right off the bat), I'm the opposite. It's so powerful to associate an album with an exact time in life. For example, in the midst of one of the most emotionally tumultuous times in my life, Lungs by Florence & the Machine got me to the other side and I feel empowered every time I hear it. I listened to Babel by Mumford & Sons on repeat when I'd just arrived in San Francisco, terrified and homesick and lonely and many times, lost on a street I'd never been on before. And I listened to their next edition, Wilder Mind, as I planned our wedding and it forever will remind me of that anticipation.

I guess this season will be the season of The Lumineers.

Things are pretty close to perfect right now, so I can't wait to hear this in three years and remember THIS EXACT TIME in my life.

So, go ahead and give it a listen.

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