Friday, April 15, 2016

Slides to Save Your Feet

1. Matt Bernson // 2. Raye // 3. Tibi // 4. Coclico Shoes

So this is a little embarrassing. But, I basically ALWAYS have a blister (or 2) on my feet. Like, always. I don't know if it's the way I walk... perhaps I'm buying the wrong size shoe... the fact of the matter is, the first time I wear ANY pair of shoes, cheap or expensive, they destroy my feet. Once they're broken in, all is well. But man, those first few wears result in COMPLETE MISERY. Like put-me-in-the-grave-MISERY.

Now, when we were in Spain we discovered the MOST WONDERFUL TREASURE. Compeed!!!! Have you heard of these bandages?? We cannot begin to understand why they're not on the shelves of every drugstore in America, but these babies are foot lifesavers. Footsavers. They're cushy and gel-ish and incredible. You put them on BEFORE you wear a new pair of shoes or a pair that you know might cause some pain. And they almost become a second skin, protecting your feet with every step. The only problem is... sometimes I forget to wear them. SIGH.

So recently, we walked to the movies and I could have cried by the time we got there. I'd forgotten to use a pair of Compeeds and my "dogs were barkin." Not to be gross, but my heels were both completely raw and I felt like an idiot. The days that followed, I had to coordinate my clothes based on what shoes I could wear, and we had to cancel a hike. Dramatic!

I was telling Tim that I really need to get some shoes that I can reach for when that happens, and I think slides are the solution. Your heels are free to, well, heal, in a pair of slides. And I love that they're totally on trend this spring. It's like, the shoe gods knew my little blisters needed a break and so they sent down a trend that would save my feet and I'd still look stylish. I've found 4 that are at the top of my wish list. The only question... which to buy??



  1. I have the same issue! Good to know about these bandaids! I finally upped my shoe size last summer and that's helped a lot. I was so used to buying a certain size since I was younger, so continued to do so... so maybe try going a half size up! Love pair #1, may need those! xx

  2. Same here! The main reason why I live in flats, sneakers and sandals!


  3. So this is a bit of humiliating. In any case, I fundamentally ALWAYS have a rankle (or 2) on my feet. Like, dependably. I don't know whether it's the way I walk... maybe I'm purchasing the wrong size shoe... the truth is, the first occasion when I wear ANY pair of shoes, shoddy or costly, they crush my feet. Once they're softened up, all is well. In any case, man, those initial few wears result in COMPLETE MISERY. Like place me-in-the-grave-MISERY.


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