Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hat Trick

When I was younger, I loved a good tan. I would spend hours by the pool or at the lake, and I was no stranger to that AWFUL spray tan machine that required you to count and spin in a circle. (Friends fans, you know the one.) But as I've gotten older, the fear of skin cancer and sun damage has really set in. I apply sunscreen every morning because quite honestly, the time has come for me to be more worried about looking YOUNG than looking TAN. And I used to think that tan = a healthy glow, but if that's true then why is Cate Blanchett so freaking radiant?? And I just can't imagine ending up like this. (Side note, can you even believe Tan Mom was a thing? A real, live new story that wasn't fake?)

So, in addition to sunscreen, I'm finally getting into hats. I'm going to be very real here for a second: I have a GIANT head. Truly. Gigantic. Sometimes, in group photos, I put myself back a little bit so my head doesn't take up the entire frame. As a result, I've never been big on hats because they rarely fit OR they give me a headache. SIGH.

I recently discovered Lack of Color, though, and now I think I love hats:

The Australian label was founded by creative couple Tess Corvaia and Robert Tilbury, and is really luxe and sophisticated. Their unique designs stand out yet seamlessly integrate into any wardrobe. And, they come in 3 different sizes. None of that OS crap. So, I want 100 of their hats and that's that.

Click to shop a few of my favorites here:

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