Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sweet Dreams!

In my home, there's one thing that's a non-negotiable for me: white bedding. I honestly love white bedding more than I love... all of the shoes in my closet combined. (Whoa.) I think it's because of my affinity for hotels -- when your bed is all-white-everything, it's sort of like a visit to your favorite hotel.

However, it's also because I have 2 little cats that hop on and off the bed all day (and all night) long. A friend once said she couldn't believe we had white bedding with the cats. She too had fur babies and loved darker bedding because it "hides everything". UMM, hello! That's the problem. If a cat has stepped in a fresh poo, and then stepped on the bed, the VERY LAST THING I WANT is for it said fresh poo be hidden. I want to immediately remedy the situation.

But it's not just the pets who are gross. For years, I had patterned bedding, and then after that, a dark gray. I washed my sheets regularly, but didn't wash the duvet as often as I should have. I know this now, because when I made the switch to white bedding, I was MORTIFIED at how grimy the hem got. Baaaaaaarf. I got news for you guys -- humans are real gross.

I first made the switch to white bedding with Peacock Alley -- I wanted it to be very textural to add dimension to the neutral look. Layered with a (sadly) discontinued Peacock Alley comforter, the Alyssa Matelass√© Coverlet served us well for many years. But, it started to lose its luxe feel and I wanted to update to something softer. 

When I saw Crane & Canopy now had quilts, I was sold. We have their duvet cover on our guest bed upstairs, and it's really so luxurious and soft. (And you know that Crane & Canopy is SUPER affordable, right? Learn more about their process here.) The Cloud Quilt & Shams are so, so, so soft. The softest. It felt like we had treated ourselves to the ultimate indulgence the first night.

But then... what about sheets? It felt so anticlimactic to upgrade the covers but not the sheets. I wanted something that would bring me back to that hotel vibe I've been craving.

VOILA... I was introduced to Authenticity 50. Founded by Steph MacDonald and her husband, Authenticity 50 is THE ONLY sheet set to be 100% American made. The idea came to be when they were on vacation in Carmel and their charming B&B had the most luxurious sheets with that sought-after label: Made in America. They asked the owner where they could purchase a set, and she informed them that the company had changed hands and the product was now being manufactured overseas.

Bummer. They were (obviously) upset, but realized this was an opportunity. With a lot of research and hard work, Authenticity 50 was born. (And, if it isn't obvious, I'm oh-so-glad.) Their classic white sheets are crafted from ultra-expensive Supima® cotton -- which is like Egyptian, but better, and grown in California. They skipped out on the wrinkle-treatments, which means no formaldehyde. Personally, I'm not totally interested in being facedown in formaldehyde all night long. Finally, did I mention they are 100% Made in the USA? Truly seed to stitch -- grown in California, yarn spun in Georgia, and cut & sewn in the Carolinas. That means they're bringing jobs coast to coast. I LOVE that. 

It was an easy choice to get these, and once I got them on the bed... It was like WHOA. Hotel town. So, sheets of this quality would normally retail over $300 which is just out of my budget. But this set is only $169. And I'm going to be honest, I spend a LOT of time in bed. I like to go to sleep early. I read in bed. I work from home, so I start my day by answering emails in bed. I love our bed. I love it so, so much. New sheets are such a worthy investment.

And let me tell you something, now that we've upgraded the whole she-bang, there is nothing more relaxing than waking up on a slow Saturday. The dappled light coming in through the window with a soft breeze. It's like I've woken up in a cloud.

While I'm still not totally happy with the design of the room -- I'd like to find a solution for the curtains behind the bed -- I'm very, very happy with the bedding. And at the end of the day, that's the goal. Sweeeeet dreams, indeed.

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