Monday, June 20, 2016

Round and Round

[Image via Atlantic // Pacific]

I feel like the next big bag trend is circular. Now, you're talking to someone who rarely changes her purse for her outfit. For like months. Maybe I've even carried the same purse for years at a time. (I definitely have!) I'm like that mom who just had the same purse with the same pens and the same box of Altoids and the same checkbook for like literally all of the 90s. (Not my mom. She rotated bags seasonally because she was a teacher and had summers off which meant it was time for a summer purse, but I feel like a very mom thing to do would be to just have the world's oldest purse and carry it until the straps break.)

So anyways, I've been seeing circular bags EVERYWHERE and it's sort of inspiring me to become a person who actually puts thought into her purse. Honestly, if I had the time, I would comb flea markets and thrift shops for vintage options like this. But, since I don't, I've rounded up a few new pieces that I think you'll want to snag before they sell out. Now, we'll all work together to become interested in bag trends and switch our purses based on our outfits right? If you do it, I will. I promise! I personally will be ordering this little pretty by Baggu. Which one is your favorite?

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