Friday, July 1, 2016

What now?

I have to complain a little bit. I am experiencing, in the worst way possible, blogger burnout. Above and beyond, it is the most frustrating feeling in the world.

I experience it with my job from time to time. It can be exhausting writing so many stories and staying on top of social media every day of the week. Like any job, it just happens. But, you take a break, you approach the tasks with a different perspective, and you get back on track. When you're getting paid to do it, it's the only option.

But with this blog, for some reason I'm lacking the ability or drive to get back on track. But, I don't really want to get paid for it. I just want to post and enjoy it again. The fact that I can't get to that level of enjoyment is driving me C R A Z Y. 

So, in the "drafts" section of my blogger account, I have posts just waiting to be completed. My bridal shower (from 14 months ago). Our honeymoon in Spain. Our most recent trip to Cabo. A review on Sunbasket (AKA the best dinner solution ever). My favorite hotel in Seattle. A trip we took to Napa about... 2 years ago. My experience with Tone It Up. My experience with adult acne (annoying). The truth about our San Francisco apartment. Roughly 98 Instagram accounts I think you should be following. Roxanne the Diabetic Cat. The list goes on. For some, I can't bring myself to write down words. For others, it sounds exhausting rounding up the pictures to accompany the post. I know that as soon as I get going again, I'll be excited and working hard to get posts up regularly. But I just can't get over that initial hump. It's a mental roadblock that I just can't squash. It could be that I'm mentally drained from my job, or that I'm putting all of my focus on Instagram. I'm honestly not sure.

I know many of you have blogs of your own and (likely) have experienced this as well. RIGHT??? I guess this is a pretty annoying post. I see the irony in complaining about not being able to blog... on... my blog... BUT I just need some advice. If you've ever dealt with this, what did you do to move forward? How did you get inspired to do the work? I'm just not going to quit this corner of the internet, so I am ready for any and all tips you can send my way.


Oh, and have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend!



  1. My similar experiences relate to songwriting, but it's the same dilemma: It's really tough to stay inspired to do something that takes a lot of energy but doesn't pay. I'd say try to remember WHY you keep this blog and why you want to continue. And if remembering the why doesn't work, just allow yourself to take a break, however long, until you feel excited about it again.

    1. Thank you for your comment and expressing similar feelings -- it always helps to know that getting bored/behind on something is a universal feeling. Good luck with your songwriting!! :)


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