Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cat Talk: The Litter Robot's STILL THE BEST

You may know (thanks, Instagram) that Tim and I took a RE-LAX-ING vacation to Mexico earlier this summer. It was so needed -- he's been working crazy hours and it was a chance for us to spend some time together before his schedule really got busy.

It was so wonderful to just sit in the sun with a margarita, and do nothing. The best kind of vacation! But, I deal with a pretty irritating travel anxiety. I love to go new places and explore, but I honestly have a really hard time leaving home. I am a little ball of stress from the moment I start packing and it only escalates from there. Usually, once I'm through TSA, things settle down. (Mimosas tend to help.) But, it's not just the travel/logistics part that makes me feel anxious.

Throughout a trip, I find myself worrying a few times a day. Sometimes, it's about the house -- is everything locked and safe? But usually, it's about the cats. THE CATS! I love them so much and I just honestly freak out about their well-being while we're gone.

We found an amazing house-sitter who made us feel really at ease. (It was our first vacation longer than a weekend since moving to LA.) But even with a someone who loves cats and gives them lots of attention and also is getting paid, I still felt guilty asking someone to really take care of them. Feeding is easy: you open the can of food and make sure they have fresh water. But the GUILT that plagues me when asking someone to deal with the litter box? TOUGH. Like, can you please come over, make sure my cats aren't dead, and pick up their poop? And then every time they poop, just, deal with it for me? 

So, remember how I told you all about the Litter Robot? (You can see the post here.) It's so easy to use and it doesn't get messy and the cats can just do their business and it handles the rest. So we showed the sitter how it works and even mentioned the sleep mode in case he was a light sleeper. We told him about the "full light"which indicates when you need to change the bag. It relieved some of the guilt, but... would it work??

WELL, we went on our trip, and we came home, and it was as if we had never. even. left. The cats looked up from their naps and were like, "oh... right, we vaguely remember you?" And the sitter was like "I will literally come take care of them any time at all," because it was such a breeze. And when I questioned the clean up portion, he was baffled I was even concerned. In his words, "I literally just changed the bag one time. It took like a second." 

OH MY GOSH I have cracked the code on my travel anxiety and I may as well plan a 3 week trip to Iceland. This new, sleek, quiet, clog-less Litter Robot is the answer to my prayers... no ifs, ands, or BUTTS about it.

Well, one butt. Technically two. Get it? It's a cat butt. Because this entire post was about a cat bathroom. I think I've still got this blogging thing DOWN. (If you're wondering why it's not a picture of the Robot itself, it's because I felt like it was really violating Leonard and Roxanne's rights by showing them in the loo.)

Anyways, if you have a cat, get the Litter Robot. It will change your life and you'll be free to go to Mexico and drink margaritas. 

DISCLAIMER: Litter Robot provided us with the Litter Robot III Open Air for review. We were previous owners of the Litter Robot and FULL BELIEVERS, so no joke, this post is 100% my beliefs without a hint of exaggeration. This product is the best. 

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