Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shoes So Nice I Bought Them Twice

I'm just popping in with a friendly PSA that, at the moment, ZARA HAS THE BEST SANDALS IN THE HISTORY OF TIME. I bought these yellow Satin Bow Slides at the Glendale Galleria (LOL I just like the word Galleria) last week, and I wore them on our trip to Palm Springs. We walked all over and my feet were comfortable and blister free, which is a rarity. Almost every pair of shoes I've ever bought have totally destroyed my feet. (I've talked about that here. Yes, I buy the proper size.) Even when I've invested in a really nice, high quality pair -- I am left limping an hour in. (Let's take a quick moment to remind everyone about COMPEED, which I dubbed "footsavers" and desperately wish they'd hire me to be a spokeswoman.)

Anyways, blisters and bandages aside, I loved the dang sandals so much that I bought them in blue. I want to wear them with everything. They make me feel like a really wealthy old woman with a tiny dog and a flowing Pucci caftan. (I feel like Patricia from Southern Charm.)

I've only ever bought the same pair of shoes in two different colors once before, and coincidentally, it was Zara then as well.  Because when a pair of really expensive looking sandals are actually only $40, you can (and should) treat yourself.


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