Friday, May 5, 2017

The Summer 2017 Issue of Rue Magazine is Here

I am very excited/proud to show off the Summer 2017 issue of Rue Magazine! Our team is pretty small, and it feels really empowering each time we release one of these pups. I particularly love this edition. There are a lot of different styles/aesthetics reflected, so it feels like a true representation of what Rue is -- inspirational and accessible for everyone. You can read the issue in its entirety HERE.

I also though I'd highlight a few different articles:

A cottage in Portugal has a lot of really cool artwork, and the layout is rad. It reminds me of a vacation home I went to growing up in McCall, ID. One of the rooms had a row of beds to accommodate all the kids and teenagers who spent summers at the lake.

A bachelor pad in San Francisco that really exercises beautiful restraint. I particularly love the bedroom -- it's so soothing and sophisticated. I would never get out of bed on weekends if I lived there!

Orlando Soria shared a really powerful essay about his last home (pictured), a bad breakup, and what it felt like to leave both behind. It struck me because I am honestly getting so sick of this "everything is SO perfect" mentality that people portray online. It's refreshing to have someone explain that just because a house is pretty, doesn't mean it's happy.

I can't get over this beautiful recipe by Chef John Silva. It was styled and photographed by Ana Kamin, and it's just really easy on the eyes. (I am going to give it a try this summer!)

Finally, I really love this beautiful home in south Florida. It's colorful and fresh and feels so different from the West Coast homes we're used to seeing. The designer is extremely talented, and I enjoyed interviewing him about creating a mid-century space without the cliches. 

I don't have much more to say, simply because these issues tend to suck up all my brain power. But I hope you enjoy reading it and find yourself inspired for the summer ahead. Let me know which articles were your favorite, and have a great weekend!

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  1. It will be a very long time before its ready for its glamour shots and hopefully another feature in Rue Magazine. For now, this makes me very very happy.


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