Hello and welcome to my personal blog- Leopard and Lavender!

I'm Kelli, the girl behind the oversized sunglasses. I live in San Francisco, CA with my handsome boyfriend [Tim] and our 2 cats [Roxanne and Leonard]. If you're the curious type and love interior design, you can see our SF apartment tour here

I'm currently the Managing Editor for Rue Magazine. I'm 100% obsessed with my job and feel grateful every day that I get to live my passion.

I dove into the blogging world a few years ago to begin a crazy experiment- one in which I went a year without shopping. Seriously. To learn more about that, you can read the blog or watch this video -which will teach you ALL about me in exactly 5 minutes. 

A lot of people think that the name "Leopard and Lavender" is just a catchy representation of my style. But since I overanalyze everything... there's more to it. Leopard is wild. Lavender is not. I somehow am both of those things, and I believe life is about balance. From someone who has seen both sides of the sunrise, I can tell you there is a lot of joy in finding your center/your style/your passion... wherever it may be. I wanted to have a place to cover more than just beautiful clothes; I wanted a place to talk about an altogether beautiful life. SO, I made this little blog and I enjoy doing just that. 

Of course, I'm not always that deep. It also helps that my dad has a lavender farm in Idaho, and that our cat Leonard is a bengal. AKA a leopard. Leopard... and Lavender. 

I hope you enjoy!

[image credit: Ashley Batz/Refinery29]