Nearly whenever I’ve posted an image of our dining room on Instagram, I’ve gotten a drag about the artwork. It’s absolutely unique — it’s an old landscape (that you’ll find at a thrift store) that an artist painted over the absolute best of. The theme is Bigfoot, so all of the small drawings and words in how to represent the parable and history of Bigfoot. What’s super rad is that every time you inspect it, you discover more and more. Like after a year, I found that there is slight poo during a hand glass. I had a poo on the wall and had no idea.

But… an enormous problem is that I never knew where it had been indeed from. Comments, messages, and emails have all come my way asking where to shop for it, or who the artist is. which I just had to shamefully be like “yeah, I do not know.” So, the deal is, Tim acquired it at an auction while we lived in San Francisco. Up until latterly, my information on the origin was really fuzzy. a lover of ours worked at The Bold Italic (RIP) which that they had partnered up with a non-profit to host an art auction, with proceeds benefitting children’s programs within the town.

We didn’t show up the event, but our friend texted Tim a photograph of the piece and he bought it on the spot. There was never an honest spot for it in our small SF apartment. We hung it first within the bedroom then within the hallway, but it always felt out of sight. once we came to LA, it found the right range in our dining room… though the move assured any paperwork that accompanied the painting was long gone.

Since it’s gotten such tons of attention online, I even have spent many a while trying to hunt out more information thereon. It made me quiver to think that the artist wasn’t getting credit. I asked our friend, I googled like hell, all to no avail. i’m a crazy good internet sleuth too, so it had been troubling that I never shovel anything up. But then, our friend texted me and was like “did you ever get the knowledge on the painting?”

Once and for all, here are the details! The show was called I do not believe you either and was hosted by Office, a San Francisco creative studio. It benefitted 826 Valencia and 826 Boston, which give writing and tutoring services to kids. The Office team scoured the West Coast for old (somewhat awful) landscapes, then created 38 original paintings and 100 vintage postcards. each bit came with a summary, written by one among 826 Valencia’s students, and well, it’s just tragic we lost ours.

You can see more about the show HERE which I suggest you check it out. There are a couple of snaps of the landscapes before their makeovers. They created numerous cool pieces and thus the theme makes me smile. (I’m into the one, says STOP FOLLOWING ME.) For people that like playing “Where’s Waldo” but with a magnified little poo, here’s an thorough from ours:

While I’m sorry I cannot provide you with a shopping link to urge one among your own, I’m glad to possess finally been ready to share the story!